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Lithium battery forklift, new energy electric forklift

  • 2023-08-24
Lithium battery forklift, new energy electric forklift
Lithium battery forklift is one of the more widely used forklifts in the current market. It has the advantages of strong range, large lifting capacity, fast moving speed and so on.
   Lithium battery forklift introduction Lithium battery forklift is a forklift with lithium battery as the power source. Compared with traditional forklifts, lithium battery forklifts can significantly improve work efficiency and reduce work costs. Lithium battery forklift usually has the following characteristics:
1. high efficiency: lithium battery forklift can significantly improve the working efficiency and reduce the working cost.
2. environmental protection: lithium battery forklift has no emissions, and will not cause pollution to the environment.
3. safety: lithium battery forklift has no flammable and explosive liquid, so it is safer.
4. Portability: Lithium battery forklifts are lighter than traditional forklifts, easier to carry and move.
   Lithium battery forklift features Lithium battery forklift has high energy density, cycle life and durability. Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery forklift has lower specific gravity, higher voltage, better low temperature performance and faster charging speed. Lithium battery forklifts have higher energy density and cycle life and higher durability than lead-acid batteries, making them one of the most popular battery types on the market today.

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