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Lithium forklift charging precautions

  • 2023-08-15
Lithium forklifts are favored by many industries for their advantages of using non-pollution, multiple application scenarios, and fast charging. However, when choosing a lithium forklift, you should choose a reputable manufacturer to provide professional, high-quality lithium battery and lithium battery forklift services.
(1) The battery temperature will rise about 10℃ during charging, so it needs to be carried out at less than 45℃;
(2) Forklift should be replenished in time after use, otherwise it will shorten the service life of the battery.
(3) During the charging process, you need to open the cover of the forklift, so as to facilitate the heat dissipation and exhaust when the battery is charging;

(4) After charging, the battery should be placed for 1 hour before putting it into use;

(5) Batteries need to be equalized and charged once every half a month to a month or so, and batteries that are not used for long-term storage should be recharged once a month.

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