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Lithium forklifts will replace internal combustion forklifts in the future

  • 2023-08-24
The era of electric forklift has come, internal combustion forklift will be lithium forklift in the next few years will gradually eat up a considerable market share. Compared with traditional fuel forklifts and lead-acid electric forklifts, lithium forklifts have unique advantages.
Zero Emission, No Pollution
The forklift equipped with green lithium battery eliminates the exhaust gas pollution of internal combustion forklift as well as the emission of acid mist and other harmful gases of traditional lead-acid battery forklift in the process of using, realizing low-carbon environmental protection and zero pollution, and avoiding the harm caused by traditional forklift to human body and environment.
Low energy consumption and low cost
Compared with traditional internal combustion forklifts, lithium forklifts can save about 80% of the cost of use; compared with traditional lead-acid electric forklifts, they can save about 30% of the cost of use.
Fast charging and convenient use
Equipped with fast charging technology, lithium forklift can be fully charged in 2 hours at the earliest, and can be used as it is charged. At the same time, there is no need for time-consuming and laborious replacement and maintenance of batteries, which can meet the needs of 24-hour continuous operation, efficiently and excellently complete the material handling work, and greatly enhance the production efficiency.
High Safety
Li-ion battery solves the hidden safety problems of lithium cobalt and lithium manganese, and can withstand severe tests such as pinprick, fire, extrusion, collision, etc. It is the first choice of power battery for new energy vehicles.
Suitable for high and low temperature working environment
The peak electric heat of lithium battery can reach 350℃-500℃, and the working temperature range is wide (-20℃ to +60℃), so it can be operated normally even in cold storage, which solves the problem of short working time of lead-acid battery forklift in cold storage.

Lithium battery adopts the design of fully closed package, without any maintenance, while traditional lead-acid batteries need to add electrolyte for maintenance, and improper maintenance will greatly affect the life of the battery.

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