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Multiway valve with ops function for forklift trucks

  • 2023-03-30
Forklift multi way valve, also known as multi way directional valve, in English. The main function is to control the lifting, lowering, tilting, lateral displacement, and distance adjustment functions of the forklift. This is the main hydraulic component of the hifoune forklift truck
Generally, the multi way valve is installed on the right side of the front crossbeam of the forklift truck. Almost under the front floor of the forklift driver's right foot. You can follow the handle of the forklift truck downward to find the multi way valve. As shown in the figure:
On the left side of the picture, pointing to the first and second links, is the place where the handle rod and pull rod are connected. The movement of the valve core is driven by the pull or thrust of the handle rod. The movement of the valve core determines the flow direction of the corresponding oil port.
Generally, the first link is for lifting, the second link is for tilting, the third link is for lateral displacement, and the fourth link is for pitch adjustment. In most cases, up to five couplets can be matched. Oil port P is the oil inlet port and T is the oil return port. The first unit generally has only one oil pipe, because the lifting cylinder is a plunger cylinder (with only one oil chamber).
The lowering of the lifting cylinder relies on its own gravity to return oil, so when a pipe is lifted, oil is discharged, and when it is lowered, oil is returned. The other several connections have two pipes with AB oil ports. When one pipe discharges oil, the other pipe returns oil.
The protruding part above and below the multi way valve is the safety valve, and the safety valve pressure of the entire multi way valve is near the port P, which is equivalent to the system pressure of the entire forklift. The general pressure of the safety valve is 18.5-21Mpa, and all forklifts are factory adjusted. If the pressure is not correct in the later stage, the pressure can be manually adjusted. Loosen the nut pointed by the red arrow. This is a lock nut, and the screw inside is an inner hexagon. Turn clockwise to turn it up, and turn counterclockwise to turn it down. Finally, the system pressure should be measured using a pressure gauge. Adjust to position and then tighten the lock nut. Then each unit has a corresponding overload valve.

A forklift multi way valve with priority steering, dual pump confluence, and OPS functions, including an oil inlet valve piece, a confluence lifting valve piece, at least one reversing valve piece, and an oil return valve piece. The oil inlet valve piece is provided with a first oil inlet port and an oil inlet passage for supplying hydraulic oil to the subsequent valve pieces, the confluence lifting valve piece is provided with a second oil inlet port, and the confluence lifting valve piece is provided with a parallel oil passage for supplying hydraulic oil to the subsequent valve pieces that is connected with the middle oil passage, A unique safety valve is provided between the oil inlet passage and the oil return passage, and the combined lifting valve piece is a three-position 8-way directional valve. The second oil inlet connects with the oil return passage when the three-position 8-way directional valve is in the middle position, and converges to the middle oil passage when it is in its lifting position. Compared with traditional forklift multi way valves, this valve avoids the work interference noise problem caused by the two safety valves and is more energy-saving.

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