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New forklift VS used forklift

  • 2023-08-04

HIFOUNE is a professional forklift manufacturer with deep industry experience, customizing customer satisfaction forklifts from scratch according to customer requirements, providing customers with new and exclusive custom forklifts. We still encounter a lot of customer demand for used forklifts, and there are many hidden risks in buying used forklifts compared to new ones. We believe that the original intention of every used forklift buyer is to buy a more satisfactory material handling tool with a lower budget, but perhaps you have ignored the follow-up maintenance to bring you more trouble and additional costs.

Compared with second-hand forklifts, new forklifts have many advantages. First of all, in terms of quality, the new car has quality assurance and has a long three-guarantee period; Secondly, the new car is in good condition, and the maintenance and service investment time is less, the used car needs to be renovated, which requires a lot of energy, and the turnover is slow, which will let you spend more time and energy on maintenance. Third, the new car can reserve sufficient spare parts inventory, easy maintenance; Used car due to a long time, find trouble parts.

For those agents who want to become used forklifts, the supply of used cars is unstable and difficult to find, and the supply of new cars is stable, which can provide customers with spare parts supply without time and quantity restrictions, which also means that you can make your business bigger and bigger. In addition, it involves the problem of customer stickiness. With the accumulation of the market, the customer base is getting bigger and bigger, the brand influence is gradually increasing, and the sales scale will gradually increase.

In the market, Hester, Yale, Linde, Clark and other well-known brands of used forklift prices are still very expensive, now, with its high quality and affordable prices in the international has become more and more competitive. Due to the large-scale development of China's manufacturing industry, the price of a new Chinese forklift truck is even lower than that of a used European or American forklift truck, which is a better choice for you?

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