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Precautions for operating electric forklifts

  • 2023-04-11
1. Stop stepping on the slow pedal before turning on the key thought switch, otherwise the forklift will display a fault code and the electric forklift will not operate
2. When the reversing control lever is pulled to the opposite position during the operation of an electric forklift, the electrical braking will take effect, and the forklift will accelerate and slowly move towards the opposite position
3. The steering system of electric forklifts is fully hydraulic steering. When the oil pump electromechanical device starts working, steering will be very difficult, and it is necessary to activate the oil pump electromechanical device to easily achieve steering
4. Stop pressing the slow down pedal and brake pedal together
5. During operation, prevent moderate discharge and charge in real time. Temporary use should also be compensated once a week
6. Check the liquid level of the electric forklift battery on time. If it is lower than the calibration line, compensate the distilled water in real time. Do not add tap water, river water and mineral water. Avoid mixing impurities to cause external self-discharge failure of the battery, and do not add electrolytic hydraulic pressure. Otherwise, the concentration of electrolyte will increase and the service life of the battery will be extended
7. During the use of a forward moving forklift, special attention should be paid to real-time battery charging and precise maintenance of the battery. When charging the battery, attention should be paid to methods that not only ensure sufficient battery charge, but also prevent moderate battery charging
8. In the operation of a forward moving forklift, it is recommended to minimize the use of temporary long-distance slowing down. When the vehicle starts and the speed increases, hold the slowing down pedal steadily. If the road conditions are good, the vehicle will continue to slow down. When the vehicle needs to accelerate, grasp the slowing down pedal and lightly press the brake pedal, which can fully utilize the energy of acceleration. If the vehicle has regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy during acceleration can be released. When the vehicle is on a slope, do not disconnect the circuit driving the electric motor, Gently press the brake pedal to operate the vehicle in regenerative braking, using the kinetic energy of the vehicle's upward movement to increase the energy consumption of the battery

9. During the process of forklift operation, do not use" Moving forward and developing; The target switch of the forklift is mistakenly regarded as a steering switch. Unless emergency acceleration is required, do not indirectly press the brake pedal until the end. If the battery is found to be low during the driving process of the forklift (which can be lost through the installation of an electricity meter, power loss indicator light, and other alarms), the battery should be charged from the right speed to avoid moderate discharge of the battery.

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