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Routine Maintenance of Electric Forklift

  • 2023-07-12
Electric forklift trucks mainly include pre-use inspection, work inspection and post-recovery maintenance. The following is a step-by-step introduction.
Pre-use inspection:
(1) Check whether the fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and coolant are sufficient.
(2) Check whether the whole vehicle oil is leaking.
(3) Check the working condition of instruments, signals, lighting, switches, buttons and other auxiliary equipment.
(4) Check whether the engine is abnormal and working normally.
(5) Check the technical condition and fastening of steering, braking, tyres and traction devices.
(6) Check the technical and fastening conditions of the lifting mechanism, tilting mechanism, forklift and hydraulic transmission system.
(7) Check whether the vehicle tools and accessories are safe.
Inspection items at work: usually refers to 2 hours of work.
(1) Check the working condition of the engine, chassis, working devices, hydraulic system, instruments and signalling devices.
(2) Check whether the temperature of wheel axle, brake drum, transmission, torque converter, gear pump, drive axle is normal.
(3) Check the condition and tightness of tyres, steering and braking devices.
(4) Check the glaze height and temperature of the oil, coolant, and hydraulic fluid, and whether the whole vehicle oil is leaking.
Maintenance items after returning to storage.
(1) Clean the vehicle.
(2) Add fuel and check the oil, coolant, hydraulic oil and hydraulic fluid. If there is no antifreeze or heated garage in northern winter, it should be put into the coolant.
(3) Check the integrity and tightness of the V-belt.
(4) Check tyre air pressure.
(5) Check the forklift and lifting chain fastening bolts.
(6) Check leakage of lift tank, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and pipe joints.
(7) Eliminate faults found during work.
(8) Check, organise vehicle tools and accessories.

(9) Add the following items every 40~50 hours: clean the air filter; clean the outside of the battery, check the electrolyte level height and electrode posts, clean and tighten the connecting wires; check the contact points of the separator, lubricate the separator shaft and cams; check the tightness of the loose bolts on the outside of the vehicle; the pump bearings, steering joint main pins, the horizontal and straight rod ball head pins, the tilting horizontal pins, and the triple-plate centre pins; lubricate and adjust the lifting chain .

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