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Six diesel forklift trucks shipped to Russia

  • 2023-07-12

HIFOUNE released a new series of 2 tonne to 4 tonne diesel forklift trucks in June, which have been well received by the market since they were sold. Before the release of this new product, we have gone through a long research and development testing process and market pilot, the new series of diesel forklift trucks first entered the UK market, HIFOUNE has always maintained a rigorous attitude towards the quality of the product and market acceptance, until this year the new series of products finally meet with you formally.

The standard colour of our new series of forklift trucks is yellow, in addition, customers can also customise the colour, logo and the rest of the markings according to their own preferences. The 6 diesel forklift trucks sent to Russia are the first time to use the white colour, and we are looking forward to our Russian customers to receive the forklift trucks and put them into the market!

The new HIFOUNE forklift trucks continue all the advantages of the old C series forklift trucks with improved appearance and some details. In addition, we are still actively looking for high quality forklift agents all over the country, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us!

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