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Strong resilience of forklift export and broad prospect of overseas market

  • 2023-05-24

The export of forklift trucks is resilient and the prospect of overseas market is broad. since 2021, the growth rate of domestic sales of forklift trucks in China has slowed down significantly, but the export side has shown strong resilience, and the export has become an important support for China's forklift industry, and we expect the export volume of forklift trucks to account for more than 30% of the total sales volume this year. Against the background of booming overseas market and domestic forklift enterprises actively promoting internationalization strategy, the overseas revenue ratio of local forklift enterprises has also been significantly increased. We believe that the competitiveness of Chinese forklift products in the international market mainly has the following three aspects: cost performance advantage, supply chain advantage and lithium industry chain advantage. In comparison with international giants, the international business share of domestic forklift enterprises still needs to be improved, and we believe that with the increasing global competitiveness of domestic forklift products, there is room for further improvement of the global market share of Chinese forklifts.

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