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The impact of summer high temperature on diesel forklift truck

  • 2021-09-28
We all know that the global climate is getting warmer now. Will we face many problems in the outdoor operation of our forklift industry? Now, Xiamen Hifouneforklift Machinery Co., Ltd. diesel forklift truck factory will introduce to you what high temperature has on diesel forklift truck operations.
1. Employee influence. Due to the high temperature and mosquito bites, the operation of forklift truck diesel drivers is affected.
2. Heat dissipation. At high temperatures, the temperature of the forklift engine is too high, and the heat dissipation performance is reduced, thereby reducing its economy and power.
3. The impact of liquid tires. Forklift brakes fail due to the expansion and deformation of the cup, which can easily cause the water tank to "open the lid", the battery "depleted liquid", the fuel supply system is blocked, and the tire pressure increases. As the outside air temperature increases.
4. Security impact. This is not conducive to the safety of the forklift, and it is prone to mental fatigue and heat stroke during work. Affect the safety of forklifts, personnel and goods.
5. Affect the road. The temperature of the hot ground is too high, and the adhesion of the forklift is reduced. In addition, there are more thunderstorms in summer, and there is water at the loading and unloading site, which is easy to slip.

The above is a brief introduction of our company on the impact of high summer temperatures on diesel forklifts operating outdoors. If you have any different opinions, welcome everyone to communicate and exchange with us.

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