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Types of Forklift Attachments

  • 2023-09-12
Forklift attachments mainly include: paper roll clamps, carton clamps, soft package clamps, pushers, push-outs, rotators, rotating push-outs, load stabilizers, single and double pallet forks, tobacco clamps, brick clamps, fork clamps, tire clamps and so on.

1、Fork Clamps Fork Clamps
Apply to various forms of soft package goods, such as waste paper, box, waste plastics, chemical fiber and other industries for pallet-free handling and stacking or conventional palletized goods handling and loading and unloading operations.
2、Single and Double Pallet Fork Truck
Used in food, beverage, import and export trade, canned goods and other industries, need to use a single pallet or double pallet for stacking operations, especially suitable for container cargo handling and stacking operations.
3、Pitch Fork Positioner
Used in machinery, ports, ceramics, building materials, agriculture and other irregular yards and pallets of various occasions, through the hydraulic adjustment of the fork spacing, to achieve the handling of different specifications of the pallet of goods, without the need for the operator to manually adjust the fork spacing, Guizhou forklift sales to reduce the operator's labor intensity, improve efficiency and reduce the breakage of the pallet and the goods.
4、Multi-Purpose Clamp
Applicable to tobacco, chemical fiber, port and other industries, used for cartons, wooden boxes, metal boxes or soft package goods without pallet handling, loading and unloading and stacking operations.
5、Sponge Clamp Foam Clamp
Mainly used in rubber, chemical, chemical fiber and other industries without pallet handling. Such as: sponge, rubber block, foam board and other soft goods safe and efficient.
6、Bale Clamp
Used for handling various forms of soft package goods, such as rags, waste paper, cotton, wool, hay, industrial debris and other soft package goods. In the case of no pallet can be efficient and economical handling and stacking operations.
It is suitable for handling goods placed on the skateboard (e.g. electrical appliances, tools, hardware, fertilizers, food, beverages, etc.), realizing high-efficiency and low-maintenance handling and stacking operations.
Usually used in conjunction with fork-type hoppers and other containers to quickly turn over the goods in the container in 360 degrees, which is widely used in food, chemical, recycling, smelting and casting industries that need to turn over the hopper container.
9、Rotary pushoff Revolving pushoff
Suitable for plastic granules, cement, fertilizer, feed and other bagged goods, pallet handling, loading and unloading and stacking operations, without manual launch of the goods, pallet out, safe and efficient, reduce labor intensity.
10、Smelting Clamp
Applied in different smelting industries, it can safely and efficiently carry various smelting products, ensure the safety of the operator and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.
11、Hydro-cylinder clamp
It is suitable for disassembling, carrying and stacking of mechanical telescopic cylinders of hydraulic stent in coal mine, which is safe and efficient, saves manpower and reduces labor intensity of workers.
12、Paper Roll Clamp
Mainly used in paper making, printing, carton, trade, packaging and other round objects loading and unloading and handling.
13、Carton Clamp
Applicable to warehousing, home appliances, electronics and other industries, need to use carton packaging goods without pallet handling stacking operations.
In addition to the fork as the most basic work attachment, forklift trucks can also be developed and equipped with a variety of interchangeable attachments according to user needs.
Such as side shift device, sanitation attachments, clamps, rotators, barrel clamps, skewers, hooks, buckets and so on.
The main parts of common forklift attachments are: fixed parts - bracket, working device, working cylinder, hose reeling in and out device.
Simple attachments: lifting arm, skewer, oil drum clamp.

Complex attachments: bucket, fork set, boom, flat hold clamps, paper roll clamps, pick rod, barrel clamps, pusher, log clamps, lifting arm, carton clamps, soft package clamps, side shifter, tilting forks, front shift forks, full own lift forks and so on.

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