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What are the disadvantages of the hydraulic forklift system

  • 2022-08-02
Forklift refers to a wheeled handling vehicle for loading, unloading, stacking, short-distance transportation, and heavy-weight handling of palletized goods. Its hydraulic system will generate energy conversion loss of hydraulic source and energy transmission loss of hydraulic system during operation. Unfavorable factors such as power matching and energy loss reduce the working efficiency of the hydraulic forklift system, so the hydraulic system of the forklift is improved. The creation of new energy-saving control technologies is of particular importance.
1. Energy loss
Forklifts work while driving, and the load changes frequently and within a wide range. There are three energy conversions when the hydraulic system works, including the hydraulic pump generating high-pressure oil, which converts mechanical energy into pressure energy; the actuator and hydraulic components convert the pressure energy of the oil into mechanical energy and heat. The entire energy conversion and transmission process is accompanied by energy loss, and at the same time, the mismatch between the engine, pump, valve, and load will also produce a large energy loss.
2. Power matching energy loss

Forklift operating environment and operating objects are different, the power requirements of the engine are also different, the adjustment characteristics of the engine, and the universal characteristic curve of the engine. When the engine and hydraulic pump work together, it can be known from the engine speed control characteristics and universal characteristics that each position of the engine speed control rod corresponds to the optimal energy-saving working point and the maximum power point, which is used as the engine and hydraulic pump and the maximum power point. The best matching adjusts the absorbed power of the hydraulic pump. Due to the variability of the working load of the forklift, the absorbed power of the hydraulic pump changes, causing the engine speed to deviate from the optimal node.

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