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What are the loading and unloading characteristics of hydraulic forklifts

  • 2022-07-22
Hydraulic forklifts have been used for a long time, but most people may not know its loading, unloading and handling characteristics. The following staff of hydraulic forklift manufacturers will introduce them to you.
1. Loading and unloading is an auxiliary and associated activity. Loading, unloading and handling is an activity that inevitably occurs at the beginning and end of each logistics activity, so it is often overlooked and sometimes regarded as an indispensable part of other operations. For example, “car transportation” in general actually includes the accompanying loading, unloading and handling, and the storage activities generally referred to in the warehouse also include loading, unloading and handling activities.
2. Loading and unloading is a support and guarantee activity. The attachment of loading, unloading and handling cannot be understood as passive. In fact, loading and unloading is decisive for other logistics activities. Loading, unloading and handling will affect the quality and speed of other logistics activities. For example, improper loading will cause losses during transportation; improper unloading will cause difficulties in converting goods into the next movement. Many logistics activities can only achieve high levels with the support of efficient handling.
3. Loading and unloading is a cohesive activity. When any other logistics activities transition to each other. They are all connected by loading and unloading. Therefore, loading and unloading often becomes the "bottleneck" of the whole logistics, which is the key to whether the various functions of the logistics can form an organic connection and close connection, and this is the key to a system. To establish an effective logistics system, the key is to see whether the connection is effective. The more advanced system logistics mode? Combined transportation mode is realized by focusing on solving this connection.
The working life of the hydraulic forklift mainly depends on the working life without damage to the metal structure. As the skeleton of the whole lifting truck, the metal structure plays the basic hoisting and handling functions. The force in any direction will be carried by the metal structure of the forklift.
Whether it is the up and down movement of the suspended object, or the left and right movement, it will be completed by the metal structure main body. Therefore, a problem with any small support point of the metal structure will cause a safety accident.
A good metal structure can increase the service life of a small hydraulic stacker by about 20%. All hydraulic forklift manufacturers must have a good designer while choosing the right materials.

A good hydraulic stacker design should go through strict mechanical analysis and demonstration. The produced hydraulic forklift products are subject to destructive testing. Only in this way can the performance of the overall structure and various index parameters be detected.

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