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What are the wearing parts of diesel forklifts

  • 2022-11-17

We know that any machinery will have some vulnerable and consumable parts, etc. Similarly, as a mechanical machine, forklift trucks also have some consumable parts. So what do some key components of the hifoune diesel forklift contain? Some key components of diesel forklifts generally include rear-view mirrors, brake handles, brake wires, light bulbs, shift handles, switch power locks, and vehicle plastic casings. This belongs to the wearing parts of electric vehicles, but generally does not belong to the category of three guarantees. Generally, diesel forklift manufacturers do not guarantee wearing parts, so we will give customers a list of wearing parts, and then explain to customers that they should pay attention to maintenance: 1. Outside the driving wheel; 2. Balance wheel and load-bearing wheel; 3. Lead-acid battery; 4. Gear oil.

Generally speaking, the wearing parts of diesel forklifts such as electric pallet trucks and electric stackers are not covered by the warranty, such as universal wheels, rolling bearings, hydraulic cylinder frame seals, motor carbon brushes, plastic casings, etc. Rolling bearings are damaged parts. Once damaged, it means damaged and must be replaced. So the foundation is not covered by the warranty, but generally good rolling bearings can be used for 3-5 years, while imported rolling bearings can be used for more than ten years. The hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder must be sealed with a skeleton. After the hydraulic cylinder is rubbed for a long time, the skeleton seal will also be worn away, so the skeleton seal is also a wearing part and has no warranty.

Forklift spare parts wearing parts include rechargeable battery power plug, single rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery cover, forklift brake power switch, forklift dashboard range, forklift gear power switch, forklift drive motor range, forklift hydraulic press motor range, forklift truck Switching Motor Range, Forklift Connector, Forklift Switching Power Cable, Forklift Data Signal Power Plug, Forklift Temperature Control Switch, Forklift AC Contactor Range, Forklift IGBT Control Module, Forklift IGBT Controller, Forklift FET Control Module, Forklift Capacitor, Forklift Diode , Forklift switch temperature control switch, Forklift switch AC contactor, Forklift safety pipe, Forklift circuit breaker, Forklift network accelerator, Forklift brake pedal power switch, Forklift brake pedal light bulb, Forklift reversing light bulb, Forklift light bulb, Forklift light bulb , Forklift direction bulb, forklift headlight assembly, total range of forklift rear tail light, etc.

For some common forklift wearing parts mentioned above, if you have any good insights and opinions about forklifts, you can also communicate with us. Hifoune forklift factory have a professional R&D team and design team.

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