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What causes the forklift to not lift

  • 2022-07-18
We all know that a common problem that occurs when the hifoune diesel forklift is in use is the phenomenon that the forklift cannot be lifted. What is the reason for this failure? How should the repair be done? Below we will introduce to you how to deal with the forklift if it cannot be lifted up.
The reasons for this failure of the forklift truck are: 1. There is no hydraulic oil; 2. The purity of the hydraulic oil is not enough; 3. The adjusting bolt is too close or the adjusting screw is too tight, so that the valve is always open; 4. There is air in the hydraulic cylinder. Maintenance method: replenish appropriate hydraulic oil; replace with new hydraulic oil; adjust the bolts; remove the air from the hydraulic cylinder according to the exhaust method of the third item below.
When the manual forklift rises and falls very slowly, or even cannot be pressed, it is generally due to the aging or damage of the oil seal repair kit, which leads to oil leakage and lack of oil, blockage or wear of the oil circuit, and oil return, air in the oil pump, etc. caused by the problem. The following hifoune manufacturers will introduce the corresponding solutions for you. The wear gap between the valve stem and the oil cylinder is too large: There are valve bodies, springs and steel balls on the manual forklift to cooperate with each other to connect or cut off the oil circuit and change the working mode. The gap between the good distribution valve body and the cylinder is small, the workmanship is precise, and there is generally no oil leakage, so the hydraulic cylinder drops very little and will not affect the work. However, when the wear clearance is large, the hydraulic cylinder and valve body will cause oil return under the action of working pressure. This problem generally occurs because the valve body has been used for too long and the oil is not clean, which accelerates the wear of the valve stem and the valve body, destroys the sealing surface, and causes oil leakage inside the cylinder. When the valve body And the oil cylinder is seriously worn and needs to be replaced with new accessories.

Oil leakage occurs due to the rupture or failure of the spring between the valve bodies: There are large and small springs between the working oil passage and the oil return passage of the manual forklift to assist. When the spring breaks, it will cause poor sealing or appear If the oil cannot be sealed, the spring should be replaced in time. Wear and aging of oil seal repair kits: In general, the service life of oil seal repair kits is about 3-5 years, and some are even longer. However, it depends on the use rate and maintenance of the forklift. After a certain number of years of use, we should pay attention to check whether the repair kit has been aged or severely worn. When such a situation occurs, it should be replaced in time. There is air in the oil pump: Manual forklifts generally have three gears, which are divided into positioning gear, neutral gear and hanging gear. During maintenance, dial up the gear position of the manual forklift and press the handle a few more times. At this time, even if the manual forklift does not rise, the air in the pump can still be removed.

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