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What is a forklift transmission

  • 2022-01-24

We all know that forklifts are composed of many parts, but how much do you know about the specific parts of forklifts? The following hifoune forklift manufacturer will introduce to you the transmission of the forklift and its function.

1. The role of the forklift truck transmission
Since the engine cannot be reversed, the forward and reverse movements of the forklift are also handled by the transmission. The main function of the gearbox is to adapt to the high-speed driving of the vehicle when the vehicle starts, accelerates, climbs and flat roads under various road conditions. In addition, the gearbox can also disconnect the operation of the engine and the drive system from each other for a longer period of time.

2. The use of forklift transmission
When shifting gears or shifting gears, release the accelerator pedal (accelerator) and wait until the oil is collected, then step on the clutch pedal, quickly and correctly push or pull in the gear to be engaged, and release the clutch as needed. When shifting gears, you have to push and pull hard to make the gears rattle.

3. Forklift transmission maintenance requirements
(1) In order to ensure the life of the mechanical parts and sealing elements of the hydraulic control oil circuit, the normal pressure of the oil circuit is controlled.
(2) The working oil is 20# turbine oil  or 6# hydraulic transmission oil and turbine oil. The oil temperature should be 70-95~C, and the usage time should not be too long after it exceeds 95cC.
(3) The replacement and cleaning cycle of the oil filter should be within 50h for a new car, every 200h and 1200h thereafter, and every 600h in special circumstances.
(4) When the forklift is driving and shifting, the micro-motion valve should be closed first, and then shifting; when braking, the micro-motion valve must be closed first and then braked to prevent clutch damage or brake failure.

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