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What is the practicability of hifoune electric forklift

  • 2023-02-14
The electric forklift consists of two bottom wheels, including two front wheels and one two wheels. The rear wheels of this product have both drive wheels and steering wheels. The protruding part of the forklift body is equipped with multiple object proximity detectors, which detect the distance and volume of the object through ultrasonic wave and send out alarm signals to prevent touching. This product also uses a new type of rack connection. This product is flexible in operation and convenient in use. It is applicable to the promotion and application of the warehousing and logistics industry.
Hifoune electric forklift 3 ton
The frame of electric forklift truck is composed of hydraulic oil tank room, driving AC motor room, gearbox room and front axle frame. The product drive AC motor room is located on the left side of the hydraulic oil tank room, the product gearbox room is located on the left side of the drive AC motor room, and the product hydraulic oil tank room, the drive AC motor room, and the gearbox room are located on the left side of drive A. Motor room. On the same line, the front axle support of the product is set on the upper and lower sides of the gearbox room, the upper end of the product hydraulic oil tank room is equipped with a counterweight room, and the lower end of the product hydraulic oil tank room is equipped with auxiliary DC power. The motor room, auxiliary counterweight room and auxiliary DC motor room of this product are all open. The beneficial effects of this product are simple structure and reasonable design. The T-shaped welded frame not only makes the structure more stable, but also can design an open slot box, place or take out the counterweight, which improves the efficiency of the forklift, has strong practicability and is convenient for popularization and use.

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hifoune electric forklift 3 ton

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