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What is the reason for the lack of power of diesel forklifts

  • 2022-09-19
At present, due to the rapid development of the logistics industry, the use of forklifts is becoming more and more extensive and there are many types, so the problems about it also come from various aspects. Let us briefly introduce the reasons for the insufficient power of diesel forklifts in use? How to solve the problem of insufficient power of diesel forklifts?
1. Insufficient oil supply may be due to the wear of the oil pump and the failure of the oil return valve, resulting in reduced oil supply;
2. Adjustment of the fuel injection pump. When adjusting the fuel injection pump, because the temperature in the laboratory is too low or too high, although it has been adjusted according to the technical specifications, there will be insufficient fuel supply when it is used on a diesel engine. In this case, only the fuel supply needs to be adjusted.
3. The air resistance caused by the air in the oil chamber is caused by the air in the oil chamber. When the engine is working, slowly loosen the bleed screw of the fuel injection pump. If the air bubbles escape, you can conclude that the air is blocked and the air inside can be expelled.
During daily use, reasonable inspection and maintenance should be carried out regularly to ensure effective and normal operation during operation, which is also the premise to ensure its work efficiency.
Forklift trucks are mainly used for transportation in industry because they can efficiently transport goods over short distances and are widely used in industry. However, as a special device in the factory, it has always been an accident-prone car, so there are many issues to be aware of.
When starting, the driver should pay attention to observe the surrounding environment. After confirming that there are no obstacles, honk the horn first, and then set off. It should be noted that when loading, the driver must first confirm that the loaded cargo is stable and reliable, so as to avoid the danger of the cargo being scattered when starting.
Don't lift its forks too high while driving. Watch for obstacles while driving. When carrying goods, the fork is not allowed to rise too high, otherwise it will affect its stability. It is strictly forbidden to turn off the engine when going downhill, and it is strictly forbidden to brake suddenly when carrying goods.

When loading and unloading goods, it is forbidden to lift or pull objects with its forks. When pulling down objects under special circumstances, warning signs should be set up to remind surrounding pedestrians. When carrying objects with forks, the distance between the two forks should be adjusted as needed to balance the load on the forks and avoid skewing. One side of the object should be attached to the object blocking frame.

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