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What should be paid attention to when the forklift brakes

  • 2022-10-18
Due to the special design of the forklift, its front tires are the driving wheels and also the parking brake. Only the front tires of the whole vehicle can brake, while the rear wheels are only responsible for steering. In addition, the forklift has a large self-weight. In terms of self-weight, it usually reaches about four and a half tons. If it is fully loaded, the whole vehicle will reach about seven to eight tons.
If only two tires are used for braking, how can the forklift stop in time? Therefore, the lpg gasoline forklift is designed as a speed-limited vehicle, and the maximum speed is only about 20 kilometers. If the speed is slow, the parking distance will be corresponding. However, the frequent starting and stopping of the forklift and its own weight doomed the overload operation of the braking system, so the performance of the braking system is declining day by day. Correct use of the brakes will prolong the service life of the brakes. Only in emergencies can it be ensured that it can stop in time.

Braking on icy and snowy roads is a very important skill. If the situation ahead allows, try to use engine-assisted braking. The number of revolutions of the engine will help you reduce the speed of the vehicle. Remember, whether it is a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, Don't pick up the gear when braking. In fact, the most scientific driving method is to drive with gear. It is unsafe to coast in neutral. Some old drivers coast in neutral because the previous cars are all carburetor vehicles, and there are very few diesel vehicles. The current cars are all EFI cars, and the fuel injection is controlled by the computer. The computer will stop the fuel injection when the gear is coasting. If you put it in neutral, the engine will inject a small amount of fuel to burn because it keeps idling, so Glide with gear is more fuel efficient and safer.


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