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What should I pay attention to when the fuel forklift in Hifoune turns around and reverses

  • 2022-06-06
We all know that forklifts run in enterprises, and due to the short running distance, the number of U-turns and reversing is relatively high. When the forklift is turning around and reversing, the driver's line of sight will be limited to a certain extent. As a result, the sight is limited, the observation is not thoughtful and other reasons, so that more accidents occur when the vehicle turns around or reverses. So, what aspects should the forklift pay attention to when turning around and reversing? The following Hifoune forklift manufacturers will introduce the following precautions for forklift turning and reversing.
3.5 ton forklift truck
1. U-turn, forklift accessories should try to choose a wide road or venue when turning around, and make a U-turn from right to left. When making a U-turn, observe the front, rear, left, and right conditions in advance, and issue a U-turn signal in time to make a U-turn without affecting the driving of other vehicles. If it cannot be adjusted once, when you need to reverse, you must carefully observe the situation behind the car, properly control the speed, and sound the horn to signal.
2. Reversing. When reversing in workshops, warehouses, freight yards, narrow roads, etc., there should be a special person standing behind the forklift (where the driver can easily find it) to instruct the vehicle to reverse. When the forklift is reversing, not only should pay attention to the rear of the vehicle, but also take into account the position of the front wheels of the vehicle to avoid obstacles in the front parts of the vehicle. Forklift trucks are not allowed to reverse at intersections, bridges, tunnels, steep slopes and dangerous areas.
3. The operation method of reversing, in the process of forklift operation and loading and unloading, it is necessary to reversing frequently. Due to the restricted vision when reversing, the ability to feel is reduced. Therefore, it is difficult to grasp the direction and position of the forklift going backwards. In addition, when reverse steering, the original front-wheel steering becomes rear-wheel steering, and the original forklift rear-wheel steering becomes front-wheel steering, which is different from the subjective feeling of normal steering control, and the position of steering control also changes, which makes Reversing is not as smooth and convenient, flexible and accurate as forward.
3.5 ton diesel forklift truck
Usually when reversing, stop the forklift first, see the surrounding situation clearly, select the reversing route and target, and pay attention to whether there are oncoming vehicles, pedestrians or animals. If an obstacle may be encountered on the reverse road, the driver should get out of the car to check if necessary, and then, as the situation requires, hang the transmission in a suitable gear for reverse, honk the horn, and choose a suitable driving posture and operation method. When reversing, you should pay attention to control the speed of the vehicle, and do not suddenly become slow or fast, so as to prevent the starter from being weak and stalling, or reversing too violently and causing harm.
The above description is what you should pay attention to when the forklift is turning around and reversing. If there are other matters that should be noted, please feel free to add them.

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