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What to do if the exhaust emission of diesel forklift is abnormal

  • 2022-11-09
Hifoune forklift 12 ton diesel forklift is an important machine for many enterprises to carry out loading and unloading operations. Its main function is obvious. It is used for loading and unloading, pallet transportation of containers and related goods. However, in the actual operation and use of working days, the four-wheel drive diesel forklift has abnormal exhaust gas. The reasons are as follows:
When the white smoke is exhausted with a forklift, it may be the cause of poor atomization or dripping of the spray. When the injection pressure is too small to meet the specified requirements, it is necessary to check whether there are any problems with the nozzle components, and repair and replace the abnormal components in time. And, don't forget to adjust the injection pressure within a reasonable range. A diesel forklift with a diesel engine does not burn any cylinder when it starts, what should I do? We must increase the speed and load of the forklift, and prolong the running time, which needs attention here. These operations must be moderate.
If there is blue smoke: This is because the air filter of the forklift is blocked, so the suction port often does not work, or there is too much oil in the oil pan. What should we do at this time? First remove the air filter. Pay attention to ease the movement so as not to affect other parts, and then check. Bring the oil down to the specified range.

During the installation of the forklift, if the chamfering direction of the piston ring is not sufficient due to the misalignment of the position, the oil will also leak into the combustion chamber at this time, so the loose ring should be removed at this time and replaced as needed. Also, do not operate the forklift for a long time under low load. In this way, the oil of the diesel forklift is also easy to leak into the combustion chamber. This also increases the load quickly. We choose a suitable power supply and fill the oil pan with oil based on the scale of the grease.

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