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Basic knowledge of electric forklift battery operation

  • 2023-06-29
1. Operators should be trained or work under the guidance of professionals.
2. There should not be any open flame near the battery to prevent igniting the combustible gas in the air.
3. The battery charging workshop should be well ventilated to facilitate the diffusion of combustible gases.
4. the staff should wear good goggles and protective clothing when doing the operation on the battery.
5. If electrolyte splashes into eyes or skin, wash with plenty of water immediately and ask doctor for examination and treatment. The electrolyte on clothes can be washed with water. 6.
6. Do not place foreign objects or tools on the battery to prevent short-circuiting of the battery. 7.
7. When lifting the battery, use the appropriate spreader to prevent damage to the battery case, connecting cables and other parts, and do not tilt the battery. 8.
8. The battery plugs and sockets should be properly connected. Only when the power is disconnected, the connection of the plug and socket can be separated.
9. After discharging, charge the battery as soon as possible, when charging, the temperature of the battery will rise.
10. Strictly control the temperature of the battery.
11. Do not discharge more than 80% of the standard capacity, at this time, the electrolyte density is not less than 1.13 kg/l. Often over discharge will reduce the life of the battery.
12. The charging process must be complete, frequent partial and continuous charging will damage the battery.
13. Water should be added after complete charging, and qualified distilled water must be used.

14. If electrolyte flows into the battery box, dilute it with water and pump it dry.

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