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Warehouse Lifting Equipment


1. High-power drive, high frequency, high efficiency, quiet, with stepless speed regulation and reverse braking functions. Complete temperature protection and compensation functions achieve thermal protection and stable output;

2. The drive is equipped with an electronic power steering system as standard, making steering easier, control more flexible and precise, reducing the operator's labor intensity, and automatically limiting speed when turning in curves, making driving safer;

3. The operation console is equipped with an intelligent display screen, which can display the rotation direction and angle of the driving wheel in real time, and can also report forklift fault codes;

4. Open battery design, the battery can be pulled out from the side, which is convenient for battery exchange and maintenance;

5. The hydraulic system has an explosion-proof design. Even if the oil pipe bursts, the mast will not drop quickly, improving safety;

6. Use the intelligent integrated control handle for easy and comfortable operation.

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