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Electric Forklifts

1.Small size,light weight,suitable for narrow passage,with high lifting,high load,small turning radius and so on; 2.Buffer lifting cylinder,when the cargo falls close to the ground,the cylinder throttle down,increasing the safety of operation; 3.Adjustable steering wheel and seat,can meet the needs of different operators,choose the best operation position 4.New headlamp design,beautiful and firm,more freely operate in poor light environment,improve the safety of night work; 5.Emergency power off switch is installed on the right side of the seat,so that the driver can cut off the power supply in the shortest time; 6.Equipped with voice reversing alarm,the vehicle in reverse driving voice alarm,clear sound,stable work,remind the working area around the staff pay attention to safety; 7.The fire extinguisher bracket is set on the left rear column of the roof guard frame to avoid obstructing the line of sight of the rear view mirror.The fire Extinguisher position is easy to access,prompting users to configure fire extinguishers,improving fire awareness,and protecting the safety of life and property.

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