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  • Common faults and solutions of stackers
    • 2021-07-21

    Common faults and solutions of electric stackers:   ①Hydraulic oil leakage;    Reason 1: The seal is worn or broken   Solution: Better seals for cylinders    Reason 2: The parts in the cylinder are worn out and cracked   Solution: only need to replace the parts inside the cylinder,    But changing the seal will cause air to enter the hydr...

  • The difference between stacker and forklift
    • 2021-07-22

    The difference between stacker and forklift:    1. First, distinguish from appearance:   (1) The truck with fork but no mast can only carry but not stack goods; generally it can be used for flat ground transportation.   (2) Stackers with forks, masts but no driver's seat are suitable for moving and stacking goods in warehouses with limited space, and can be used in li...

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