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How to determine the load center of a forklift?

  • 2024-03-25
How to determine the load center of a forklift?
The process of finding the center of the forklift load is very simple. Please check the information on the forklift nameplate. It will tell you: 1. Distance from the center of the load 2. Vertical mast 3. Right tilt 4. Height
When you stack loads evenly, such as pallets, the center of the load will be located in the middle of the load. Therefore, for a load of 1000 millimeters, the load center will be 500 millimeters. According to the information on the nameplate, you should also keep in mind the maximum height and length of the load. In addition, only when the load is far below the limit weight can a load that exceeds the specified load center distance be lifted.

In addition, during the operation of forklifts, we also need to pay attention to the following four points in order to better ensure the stability of the vehicle body and avoid accidents:

1. Stable triangle

Maintaining the center of gravity of the forklift within a stable triangle during the training process is one of the difficult tasks for operators to learn.
The forklift adopts a three-point suspension system. These three points are located in the middle between the two load wheels and the rear wheels. When connecting these points through fictional lines, a stable triangle is generated. Therefore, in order to avoid tipping over, the operator must ensure that the center of gravity combination of the forklift and load is always within a stable triangle.

According to current data, overturning is a common form of forklift accidents, accounting for 24% of the total number of accidents. The center of gravity may move out of the triangle due to factors such as imbalance or heavy loads. In addition, carrying large loads and driving on uneven or sloping terrain may be another cause of accidents.

2. The center of gravity of the load
It is crucial to pay attention to the center of gravity when lifting the goods. Meanwhile, it is also important to consider their overall focus.
When the load is not centered, such as the engine or other asymmetric items, you must carefully estimate the center of gravity. On the other hand, the load center of a heavy load may be much farther than a regular 24 inch load center.

Therefore, given the specific load height and load center, the nameplate on your lifting forklift will tell you how much lifting capacity it has. If your load center exceeds the maximum lifting capacity of the forklift, your lifting capacity will be greatly reduced.

3. Forklift center of gravity

Lift forklifts also have a center of gravity that moves when the cargo is lifted. When the load is lifted, the center of gravity will move forward. To ensure that the center of gravity of the forklift is always within a stable triangle, it is necessary to be careful not to lift the load center beyond the allowable limit value.

4. Operate in a secure environment
Keeping heavy objects in a lower position is a good habit for maintaining safe and stable loads. In addition, careful driving during parking, turning, and starting is an effective way to maintain stability. Also, don't forget to fasten your seat belt!
Be extra careful on slopes, ramps, or other uneven terrain. Do not lift or rotate heavy objects on uneven surfaces. In this case, your center of gravity will quickly shift beyond the stable triangle.
As a rule, when driving on a slope with no load, your fork should always point downhill. When handling goods, the fork should always point towards the top of the ramp to prevent the goods from falling.

When operating a forklift, do not attempt to jump out of the vehicle if it begins to tip over. According to research, it is a good practice to maintain the direction of the vehicle's interior and fall.

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