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Is it suitable to implement CKD in your country?

  • 2023-06-29

In foreign trade, vehicles can be exported in whole units but also in disassembled form, which is often referred to as CKD (Complete Knock-Down), meaning that the product is delivered in parts and assembled at the destination.

Under the specific policy conditions of some countries, CKD is very advantageous for customers. For example, some countries will introduce policies to support local manufacturing industry and solve the pressure of employment, so that imported products can be manufactured locally. If you want to import in the form of CKD, you need to know whether the importing country's parts tariff is much lower than the whole machine tariff, or whether there are other relevant differences in policies. If the tariff on parts is much lower than the tariff on the whole machine, you can save a lot of cost.

The above situation is the country in order to encourage the development of manufacturing industry, before the implementation of CKD, we will generally advise customers to import a small amount of complete machine to reduce the market risk. The situation in Iran is the opposite. In Iran, the import of forklifts under 10 tons is prohibited, and CKD is the only way to import from other countries at this time.
CKD means disassembly and assembly, but in actual operation, it is not just as simple as the word. HIFOUNE has rich experience in CKD export, from the packing of parts to the guidance of installation, we have a whole set of plans and mature working experience, as well as a professional team as a support force!

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