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Maintenance of forklift drive axle

  • 2021-03-01
Forklift Drive axle maintenance: Because there are many types and types of drive axles used in underground trackless equipment, and the structure is not exactly the same, the technical requirements for maintenance are also different. The following only provides the general maintenance technical requirements and maintenance cycles of the drive axle. For forklift drive axles with special structures and technical requirements for special maintenance, please refer to the relevant maintenance instructions.

   The drive axle should be maintained every 10h (that is, every shift). The maintenance includes the shelf inspection of the oil seals, covers, screw plugs and assembly seals for oil leakage. Worn oil seals, blocked air vents, loose connection bolts, and excessive oil level in the drive axle housing may cause oil leakage.

  The oil level in the main transmission housing and the wheel reducer must be checked every 100h (or a week) of the underground trackless equipment, and should be added if it is insufficient.

   Every 1000 hours of operation of underground trackless equipment, the lubricating oil in the shelf shell of the drive axle main drive and the wheel reducer should be replaced. Drain the oil while the oil is still hot, and add new gear oil after the diesel is cleaned. While changing the lubricating oil, the vent plug of the axle housing should be unscrewed and cleaned.

   After the bearing on the bottom cover of the generator is damaged, it is difficult to remove it without proper tools. At this time, put the bottom cover of the generator upside down on the workbench, padded with a softer wood or cloth, add an appropriate amount of butter to the bearing of the bottom cover, and then cut some rags and stuff it into the bottom cover of the bearing. between.

  The smaller the cloth pieces added at the beginning, the better. When the gap between the bearing and the bottom cover is relatively larger than the shelf, the cloth pieces can be increased continuously. First put the cut cloth on the added butter, then find a round steel or screw with a diameter that is not much different from the inner diameter of the bearing and one end is flat, knock it with the round steel, and continue to add butter and cloth. The gap between the bearing and the cover will continue to increase until the bearing is removed.

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