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Maintenance before and after forklift use

  • 2023-08-21

Tires play a pivotal role in the safe operation of forklifts. Seasonal changes lead to changes in temperature, timely replenishment of air pressure for the tires in order to keep them in the prescribed range of air pressure, at the same time, should also check the tires whether there are scratches, because the rubber is easy to harden in autumn and winter seasons and appear brittle, tires are easy to leakage, or even puncture, to often clean up the entrapment within the tire tread.

In addition, forklift belongs to large mechanical equipment, need to be used reasonably. In the summer and fall season, the forklift should pay special attention to maintenance in the process of using. First of all, the external maintenance of the forklift, forklift use should be done in time to spray paint processing, so as not to scratch parts of the moisture and rust. At the time of seasonal change, you'd better do a maintenance work for the surface of the forklift from cleaning and paint repair.

In addition, you should also check the engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze in the engine compartment to see whether the fluid is sufficient, whether it is deteriorated, and whether it has reached the replacement cycle. The brake system should be checked frequently to see if the braking is weak, deflection, whether there is any change in the pedal strength of the brake pedal, and if necessary, clean up the whole braking system piping part. Now, a large number of forklifts are widely used in the logistics and transportation industry, warehousing, factory production and other industries, some small factories in order to load and unload equipment or products for convenience, will choose to use a forklift to complete. Acquiring a forklift can save a lot of labor expenses. For factories, the use of forklifts is an energy-saving and efficient measure.

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