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Specific operational considerations for forklift truck drivers operating in the factory

  • 2023-07-03
1、Before driving the forklift truck, you should lift up the tines and leave the ground by 30cm.
2. Pay attention to the road conditions and the surrounding environment while driving.
3、Forklift trucks are not allowed to work when forking heavy objects; when the centre of gravity deviates, quit and start again until the centre of gravity is suitable.
4、After forklift forks up heavy objects, the tines should be tilted back in time to make the centre of gravity deviate to the side of the cab to prevent the heavy objects from falling down, while the bottom of the fork tines should leave the ground about 30cm.
5、When the forklift truck is driving with heavy objects, the driver should observe both sides of the road and the upper part of the articles to place the personnel on both sides or touch the buildings on both sides, and at the same time prevent the upper part of the articles from hanging onto the electric wires, branches or buildings; when the fork is large and the objects in front cannot be seen, the forklift truck can be driven backwards, and someone should be supervised when driving.
6、After the forklift truck has transported the articles to the place, it should be placed according to the required position; the lower part of the articles should be padded with something to facilitate the fork tines of the forklift truck to be drawn out, while the speed of descending and forward tilting should be slow to prevent the articles from tipping over.
7. The speed limit for forklift trucks is 10km/h in the factory; 5km/h in the company, workshop, warehouse and curves; 3km/h in the workshop, warehouse, intersection or corner, and the speed limit should be slowed down and the horn sounded where the sight is blocked. Speeding is strictly prohibited.
8、When the driver leaves the seat, the forklift should be switched off and disconnected and placed on free skid.
9、The forklift should be inspected before leaving work, and the problems and inspection should be recorded.
10、Drivers should frequently patrol the driving routes in the field and be familiar with the road conditions.

When carrying out forklift operation in the factory, be sure to strictly comply with the forklift use specification to reduce unnecessary casualties.

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