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Winter diesel forklift how to use cold starting fluid to start quickly

  • 2024-01-03
In winter, diesel forklift is not good to start, what is the way? One way to help you start quickly is to use cold starting fluid. The composition of the cold starting liquid is a compound with a low ignition point, mainly ether, which has a low flash point and is volatile, making the engine start smoothly at a low temperature. Because the starting fluid has the characteristics of volatile and low ignition point, it can start the engine quickly and smoothly under harsh weather conditions or under insufficient cylinder pressure, effectively preventing excessive loss of battery, motor and ignition switch due to cold and wet weather or insufficient cylinder pressure. The cold starting liquid can shorten the engine starting interval and prolong the battery life under the cold and low temperature. It can be sprayed into the cylinder to help start the engine when it is difficult to start in winter.

The specific operation method of cold starting liquid:
1, before the cold car starts, shake the cold starting liquid and spray it directly into the intake system.
2. Preheat the oil tank and oil pan to a certain extent before using the cold starting liquid, so that the moving parts in the engine are well lubricated, and install the tank heater for preheating.
3. Spray the cold starting liquid into the air filter inlet, after starting the diesel engine, the diesel engine should be heated up at idle speed, do not blast the throttle, and pay attention to the oil pressure indicator light to prevent the oil flow is not smooth at low temperature, and the lubrication parts such as the bearing shell are poorly lubrized and damaged or ablated.
Precautions for using cold starting fluid:
1, low temperature starting liquid container should be installed in a cool and ventilated place, away from high temperature heat source, prohibit open flame close to prevent explosion injury.
2, low temperature starting liquid is flammable, and narcotic, should be sealed storage, stored in a low temperature, cool and ventilated warehouse, not open storage, storage should pay attention to personal safety.

3, do not add low temperature starting liquid into the tank, so as not to produce gas resistance.

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