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Why do you need to add water to a forklift battery?

Why do you need to add water to a forklift battery?

  • 2024-04-03

The weather is starting to get hotter, remember to give your forklift battery a "drink of water"

1.Unexpected inspection, how long has it been since you filled the forklift battery with water?

Take a quick look at the battery level of your forklift!

The frequency of adding water to the forklift battery mainly depends on the frequency of battery use, storage environment, ambient temperature and other factors. Under normal use conditions, the liquid level of the forklift will drop accordingly during daily working hours.

Generally, it is recommended to add water every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure the normal operation of the battery. In high temperature environments or when the operation time is long, it may be necessary to increase the frequency of water refilling.

2. Why do you need to add water to a forklift battery?

Adding water to the forklift battery is mainly for battery maintenance and performance maintenance considerations.

Maintain battery capacity: During the operation of the forklift battery, the water in the electrolyte will be electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, the battery will gradually lose water, thus affecting its capacity and performance.

Extend battery life: A lack of water in a forklift battery will cause damage to the battery's internal structure, which will accelerate the aging and damage of the battery.

Keep battery performance stable: During the charging and discharging process of forklift batteries, the concentration of the electrolyte will change, resulting in unstable battery performance.

Reduce breakdowns and downtime: A lack of water in the battery can cause the forklift to malfunction during operation, such as insufficient power or sudden shutdown.

3.The battery is the heart of the forklift

Apart from feeding water, maintenance is essential

Complete battery observation: Visual inspection; check electrolyte levels and battery leaks; inspect battery cables, connections, and vent covers; record voltage readings and specific gravity of each cell.

Remove minor corrosion, thoroughly clean and neutralize the battery.

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