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What are the frequently asked questions about Hifoune forklifts

  • 2022-04-14
Hifoune forklifts explain the common problems of lithium battery forklifts in detail? What kind of problems have hifoune forklifts encountered when we use lithium battery forklifts and how to deal with them.
1. Fault phenomenon
After a certain batch of lithium battery forklifts have been charged for a period of time, the instrument panel displays "communication failure", the forklift cannot run normally, and its lithium battery cannot be charged. The fault disappeared after replacing the dashboard and the BMS (battery management system) control board inside the lithium battery, but the fault reappeared after a period of use.
This type of forklift works normally before charging, and the fault occurs repeatedly only after charging on some chargers, while the fault does not occur after charging on other chargers. The occurrence of this failure has an adverse impact on the lithium battery forklift market.
2. Troubleshooting
After analyzing and testing the forklift, lithium battery and wiring, we found no unreasonable design.
When the technicians of the lithium battery and BMS control board manufacturers checked the forklift lines, they found that the damaged instrument panel and the CAN bus on the BMS control board were not properly protected. No similar failure has occurred in parts with well-protected CAN bus (such as traction controller, etc.). Therefore, it is suspected that the CAN bus circuit is damaged, which interferes with the CAN bus during charging, causing damage to the instrument panel and BMS control panel, resulting in the forklift instrument panel displaying "communication failure", the lithium battery cannot be charged normally, and the forklift cannot be driven.
We use an oscilloscope to test the voltage waveform between the CAN bus L and the (PE) protective ground wire of the forklift instrument panel. In the initial state of charging, a peak voltage of more than -20V appears, and the voltage lasts for 200ms.
Since the fault occurs when the lithium battery and BMS control board are installed on the forklift for charging, it is judged that the fault may be caused by the peak voltage entering the forklift CAN bus during charging and causing interference, resulting in damage to the forklift dashboard and BMS control board circuits.
For the description of forklift lithium batteries above, if you have any better suggestions or opinions on this analysis, you are also welcome to communicate and exchange with us, and we will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time.

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