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What problems are easy to ignore when the forklift is running

  • 2023-02-22
Forklifts will have various problems in the process of working. Do you know what problems are easy to be ignored when lpg forklifts are running?
1. When driving, the height from the bottom of the fork to the road surface shall be 300-400 mm, and the gantry must be tilted back.
2. Do not raise the fork too high when driving. When entering or leaving the work site or midway, pay attention to whether there are obstacles in the air. When the load is moving, if the fork is raised too high, it will continue to raise the height of the overall center of gravity of the forklift, which will endanger the reliability of the forklift.
3. After loading and unloading, the fork shall be landed to all normal driving positions before driving.
4. When turning a corner, if there are non-motor vehicles or vehicles nearby, signal should be sent, and fast and sharp turns are strictly prohibited. High speed sharp turns will cause the car to lose its stability and overturn.
5. It is strictly forbidden to brake suddenly when the load is running, except under special circumstances. Qingdao forklift
6. When carrying passengers down the slope, Qingdao forklift should drive backward to prevent goods from falling.
7. When the load is driving up and down the slope at a speed of more than 7 degrees and higher than the first gear, the braking system cannot be applied under special circumstances.
8. The hydraulic press forklift shall comply with the traffic regulations in the factory during operation, and must maintain a certain distance from the Fengche in front.
9. During the operation of Qingdao forklift truck, the load must be at a low position that does not hinder the travel, and the gantry should be moderately tilted back. Except for stacking or loading, the load cannot be raised. When transporting large objects, the objects block the driver's view, and the forklift should be turned back.
10. Qingdao Forklift is controlled by the rear tire, so it is necessary to pay attention to the swing of the rear of the truck at all times, so as to prevent the situation of turning too fast that often occurs when novices drive safely.

11. It is forbidden to turn on the slope and drive across the slope.

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