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Application of Diesel Forklift Truck

  • 2023-03-20
Diesel forklift trucks are mainly used to carry goods, save labor, and improve work efficiency. The warehouse is a place where frequent handling is required. Diesel forklift trucks can fully play their role here.
Diesel forklift trucks are powered by on-board batteries. In addition, diesel forklift trucks are classified according to the elevator. This is further classified according to the type of mast, bracket, and diesel forklift that the machine is equipped with.
Warehouses with traditional shelf memory systems use balanced lifts with electric or internal combustion engines, and warehouse space with space saving narrow channel memory systems may not accommodate the width of the balanced lift. Telescopic forklifts and order sorters are brought with these types of systems.
Another important consideration is the type of forklift, the availability of fuel storage space in the warehouse, and the noise output of the forklift you choose.
After understanding the composition and functions of the hydraulic system, we can better improve the hydraulic system of diesel forklift trucks. The maintenance steps for the hydraulic system of hifoune diesel internal combustion forklift trucks are as follows:
Regularly check the fastening bolts and slewing bearings of the lifting arm of the diesel forklift truck. If there is any looseness, please tighten or replace them immediately to avoid potential safety hazards.
The transmission part of a diesel forklift requires sufficient lubricating oil, and parts that frequently vibrate, such as mechanical bolts, are frequently inspected, repaired, or replaced to eliminate risks.
3. Diesel forklift trucks prevent air from entering the hydraulic system to avoid vibration and noise. Forklifts that are in abnormal vibration for a long time will inevitably affect the service life of the equipment's hydraulic equipment.
4. Diesel forklift trucks must fully ensure the oil delivery capacity of the hydraulic pump to avoid excessive oil absorption resistance caused by insufficient oil capacity of the hydraulic pump, and the oil level of the tank is too low to block the vent hole of the tank.

5. The cleaning of the hydraulic system pipelines of diesel forklift trucks is also a very important step in the maintenance process of the hydraulic system. The cleaning flow required for most hydraulic systems is about 20 liters per minute. During the cleaning process, one valve is opened and the other valve is closed.

hifoune diesel internal combustion forklift trucks

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