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Hifoune Forklift Manufacturer introduces common faults and troubleshooting of fully electric forklift

  • 2023-02-03
If hydraulic oil leakage occurs during the operation of fully electric forklift, the treatment method is very simple. This is caused by worn or broken seals. At this time, only better cylinder seals are needed. Another possibility is that the parts in the cylinder are seriously worn and cracked. At this time, the seal of the cylinder may be roughly worn and cracked. Only the parts in the cylinder need to be replaced. If the seal is replaced, the air will enter the hydraulic system. At this time, the air in the hydraulic cylinder can be cleaned by lifting and lowering several times; The all-electric conveyor does not release pressure, but the truck drives PS, which may be caused by impurities in the hydraulic oil, causing the pressure reducing valve to not work. It can be closed. At this time, only clean hydraulic oil needs to be replaced. It is possible that the pressure reducing valve has not been adjusted. At this time, the pressure reducing valve needs to be adjusted.
Common faults and troubleshooting of fully electric forklift:
The common fault of all-electric forklift is that the hydraulic oil is insufficient and the forklift can not rise to the high position. At this time, only adding hydraulic oil to the cylinder can eliminate the fault. Because the shift fork cannot be lifted, this situation is caused by impurities in the hydraulic oil. Clean hydraulic oil can be used. When the fork does not fall, the piston rod of the cylinder may be deformed due to eccentric load. At this time, only replace the piston rod or directly replace the entire cylinder.
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