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How to make your forklift more durable

  • 2021-12-20
Among the forklift parts, some parts of the forklift are easily damaged and have no warranty period. The vulnerable parts of the forklift mainly include tires, brake discs, clutch plates, oil filters, air filters, etc. Generally speaking, they are different. Most of the forklift manufacturers have roughly the same range of vulnerable parts. These vulnerable parts are mainly due to wear, corrosion, cavitation, fracture and deformation.
If it is difficult to identify the cause of damage to the vulnerable parts of the forklift, it is caused by improper operation by the operator, or the quality problems of the accessories themselves, so the vulnerable parts of the forklift should be checked regularly to avoid the vulnerable parts from affecting the use of the forklift. condition.
1. Forklift tires: regularly check the forklift tires for scratches, air leaks, wear, etc. If these problems exist, repair or replace the tires in time.
2. Oil filter: When replacing the lubricating oil for the forklift, the oil filter must be replaced. The oil filter is mainly to prevent debris from entering the oil. After the oil filter has been working for 180-200 hours, It must be cleaned in time.
3. Air filter: The air filter mainly prevents dust and other impurities in the air from entering the engine and affecting the work. Regularly clean the air filter to keep it clean.
4. Clutch disc: During the driving of the forklift, do not use the clutch disc, nor place your feet on the clutch disc to prevent semi-linkage, so as not to affect the torque transmission and increase the wear and damage of the clutch disc.
5. Forklift horn: Regularly check whether the contact of the forklift horn is dirty or ablated, and clean it up with frosting in time.
6. Brake pads and brake discs: mainly check the wear and tear on an hourly period.

The daily basic maintenance of the vulnerable parts of the forklift should be carried out regularly to avoid the use of the entire forklift caused by the vulnerable parts of the forklift.

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