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Is the maintenance cost of forklift high

  • 2023-01-31
The maintenance cycle of the forklift is two to three times longer than that of the internal combustion forklift. Generally, the maintenance cycle of the internal combustion forklift is 500 hours, and many of the forklifts can reach the maintenance cycle of more than 1000 hours. Will its maintenance cost be too high? Next, the manufacturer of hifoune forklift truck will give you a detailed introduction of how much the maintenance cost of forklift truck is?
Hifoune Forklift Maintenance believes that the maintenance of forklift parts is more simple than the maintenance of internal combustion forklift. Generally, it is only necessary to lubricate the moving parts of joints, such as gantry bearings, steering axles and other major cleaning and inspection. The hydraulic oil is replaced every 2000 or 3000 hours. Gear oil and water are very limited for cleaning and other materials. The engine oil and oil filter should be replaced every 500 hours (generally about 300 hours), and the hydraulic oil, oil, transmission oil and these oil filters should be replaced every 1000 hours. Also replace the belt (timing belt of engine, generator belt, etc.). If we still take the three-ton forklift as an example, the maintenance cost of the internal combustion forklift is 3000 – 4000 yuan (only material cost) based on 2000 hours of operation per year, while the maintenance cost of the forklift is only 1000 – 1500 yuan (material cost).
Maintenance time and labor cost. Since the maintenance interval of forklift parts is relatively long compared with that of internal combustion forklift, and the time required for each repair is much less than that of internal combustion forklift, the holiday and maintenance needs, in fact, are substantially shortened the downtime of forklift, which is difficult to calculate the economic benefits brought by improving work efficiency.

The service life of the forklift battery is 1500 charging and discharging cycles, and the working time of the forklift is about 10000 hours. Thirdly, this is equivalent to an overhaul time of internal combustion engine. The replacement cost of forklift battery is close to that of engine overhaul, but the speed of battery replacement is much faster than that of engine overhaul or engine replacement, which reflects the advantage of time efficiency.

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