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  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
    Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
    • 2021-06-11

    Dragon Boat Festival is coming, in this special day, people eat Chinese traditional food "zongzi", and there will be boat race in many places of China. HIFOUNE FORKLIFT also prepares the traditional food "zongzi" for the staff, wishes everyone a happy festival. Dragon Boat Festival holiday finished on 15th Jun, please leave messages if you need product information, we will get back in the asap. Ha...

  • Maintenance of forklift drive axle
    Maintenance of forklift drive axle
    • 2021-03-01

    Forklift Drive axle maintenance: Because there are many types and types of drive axles used in underground trackless equipment, and the structure is not exactly the same, the technical requirements for maintenance are also different. The following only provides the general maintenance technical requirements and maintenance cycles of the drive axle. For forklift drive axles with special structures ...

  • HIFOUNE FORKLIFT introduces ERP system to improve efficiency
    HIFOUNE FORKLIFT introduces ERP system to improve efficiency
    • 2018-01-02

    On December 2, HIFOUNE FORKLIFT introduced the ERP system to improve the overall efficiency of the company. The system will integrate the work of all departments, which not only allows the company’s departments to cooperate more efficiently, but also improves the overall work process effectiveness.

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