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    Hifoune LPG Forklift truck 3ton 4ton For Sale
    When the working environment of forklifts is a closed storage space or in situations where there are certain requirements for air cleanliness, forklift users usually can only choose to use liquefied gas forklifts or battery forklifts. LPG forklifts can also be considered. Compared to battery powered forklifts, internal combustion forklifts have significant advantages such as no need for charging equipment, long operation duration, high power, strong climbing ability, low road requirements, and low capital investment. If appropriate transmission methods are used, ideal traction performance can be achieved. However, noise and vibration during operation, heavy exhaust gas and black smoke, and frequent maintenance are also shortcomings of internal combustion forklifts. And lpg forklifts can effectively solve this problem. The application of liquefied petroleum gas engines on forklifts has become more common abroad, with low fuel prices and less exhaust emissions, especially those that seriously endanger human health and easily lead to dust, lung cancer, PM2.5, PM10 emissions of particulate matter, and can achieve the advantages of internal combustion forklifts. The following are the specific advantages of lpg forklifts: 1. Extremely low carbon dioxide emissions, low pollution, and conducive to the quality of indoor and outdoor air in the workshop. 2. It is beneficial for improving the lubrication condition of the engine and can extend the service life of the engine by more than twice. 3. Improve the working condition of the engine, making it easier to start in cold weather and reducing operating noise. 4. There is no obvious advantage to reduce the fuel cost and calculate the economy based on the current oil price, but it is believed that with the adjustment of the national fuel tax policy, the forklift consumption orientation will be changed and the economic benefits will be reflected. 5. With the increasing standardization and improvement of national environmental regulations, it will have a catalytic effect on the sales of liquefied petroleum gas forklifts, leading to the rapid development of liquefied petroleum gas forklifts in China and diluting operation and maintenance costs. 6. From the perspective of fuel applicability, LPG can liquefy at low pressure and room temperature, making it easy to transport, store, and carry, making it the most economical. The Hifoune LPG forklift uses a Japanese NISSAN engine, and in performance comparison tests with conventional forklift diesel engines under the same operating conditions, the lifting capacity, power performance, and economic performance parameters are generally equivalent or even better than conventional forklift diesel engines. Hifoune forklift has high quality and stylish and beautiful design, making it worth getting started!
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