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What are the characteristics of the internal combustion balance forklift

  • 2022-03-11

hifoune forklift factory uses well-known high-quality engines from abroad or at home, such as Japanese Nissan engines, Mitsubishi engines and Isuzu engines, American Kubota engines and Chinese Xinchai engines. These are all to ensure that the forklift not only has strong and reliable power, but also has less noise and lower exhaust emissions. The gearbox, front and rear axles are all mature products from well-known professional manufacturers in China, with high strength, good rigidity, and low noise and vibration.

The powertrain, overhead guard and frame feature a dual "suspension" structure that reduces vibrations transmitted from the powertrain to the steering wheel, levers and seats, improving driver comfort.

The new high-definition liquid crystal display instrument breaks the traditional dark rotation mode, which is convenient for the driver to understand the working condition of the forklift, and greatly improves the actual field of vision.
The fully enclosed front cowl is not only beautiful and elegant, but more importantly, it isolates the driver's operating room from the noisy and dusty environment at the lower part of the car body.
The seat can be adjusted fore and aft. The leg room will be increased, and drivers of all sizes and weights will feel very comfortable to drive.
The new overall combined three-color taillight is beautiful and generous, with high brightness, which is easy to attract the attention of pedestrians and vehicles behind the car and avoid accidents.
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