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What are the possible risks of internal combustion forklift operation

  • 2022-05-09
As a non-human transportation tool for warehouse goods, forklifts are widely used in major factories, transportation centers, transportation centers, etc. Because forklifts carry a large amount of work, when operating internal combustion forklifts, you should learn to avoid the risks brought by forklifts.
1. During the forklift handling operation, overloading, unbalanced goods shaking, and accidental falling of goods will occur. The reason for the analysis is that the forklift was loaded too fast during the operation, or the speed of the transportation exceeded the regulations, and the situation was suddenly avoided, resulting in the falling of the car goods. The goods may also fall from the forklift if the goods are not bound by the body in accordance with the regulations, or the installed goods are inconsistent with the forklift arm device of the forklift.
With regard to this risk, please remain steady when operating the forklift. Place the item code on the fork before transporting. Do not brake hard while driving. Timely level the sunken driving road. In addition, it is not allowed to overload the loading and unloading goods according to the relevant procedures.
2. If too much load is applied to the forklift, the rear of the truck will float, so stand on the side of the forklift and make the weight reach the balance weight. As a result, the rear of the truck suddenly floats when the goods are lifted, and people fall and get injured. . This accident may be caused by the overload handling of the forklift and the lack of protection measures for the standing position of the person.
In order to avoid this kind of accident, it is necessary to strengthen the safety education of forklift operators. No one except the operator is allowed to stand on the forklift. In addition, it is not allowed to transport overloaded according to regulations.
3. Personnel and equipment damage caused by side overturning during forklift driving. The reason may be that the forklift is running lean or turning on an incline with a load, or the forklift is turning too fast.
Therefore, drivers are required to drive at low speeds, avoid forklift operations on soft ground, and avoid sharp corner braking under load.

4. When the forklift is driving backwards, the driver's sight is blocked, or a crash occurs due to bad habits. The vehicle's mirrors and backup sound may not be installed as specified, or the fault may not have been repaired. The driver may have backed away without honking the horn to those around him.

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