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What are the types of diesel forklift

  • 2022-12-29
Diesel forklift can be divided into three categories: electric forklift, storage forklift and internal combustion forklift.
1. Warehouse diesel forklift. Warehouse forklift is mainly used for warehouse cargo handling. Except that a few storage forklifts (such as manual pallet forklifts) are driven by human power, the rest are driven by motors, which are widely used in the storage industry due to their compact structure, flexible movement, light weight and good environmental performance. During multi shift operation, the forklift driven by motor shall be equipped with backup battery, and the workplace shall have a special charging place.
The load capacity of the electric pallet forklift is 1.6~3.0T, the width of the working passage is 2.3~2.8m, and the fork height of the forklift is about 210mm. It is mainly used for horizontal handling and cargo handling in the warehouse. Generally, there are two operation modes: walking and standing, which can be selected according to efficiency requirements. The carrying capacity of the electric pallet stacking forklift is 1.0~1.6 tons, and the width of the working passage is generally 2.3~2.8 meters.
2. Diesel forklift with internal combustion engine. Internal combustion forklift is divided into heavy forklift, ordinary internal combustion forklift, container forklift and side forklift. Generally, gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engines are used as power, with large bearing capacity, which can generally bear more than 5 tons of weight. Due to the consideration of exhaust emission and noise, they are usually used in outdoor places where there are no special requirements for exhaust emission and noise. Because of the convenience of refueling, it can realize long-term continuous operation and work in harsh environments.
The bearing capacity of the forward moving forklift is 1.0~2.5t, and the gantry can be moved forward or retracted as a whole. When collecting and releasing, the width of the working channel is generally 2.7~3.2m, and the lifting height can reach about 11m. It is usually used for medium height stacking and picking up goods in the warehouse.

3. Electric diesel forklift. The motor is used as power and the battery as energy. The bearing capacity is 1.0~4.8 tons, and the width of the working groove is generally 3.5~5.0 m. Due to pollution-free and low noise, it is widely used in working environments with high environmental requirements, such as medicine, food and other industries. As each battery generally needs to be charged after working for about 8 hours, it is necessary to equip a backup battery for multi shift work, and there should be a special charging place in the workplace.

Diesel forklift

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