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What should I do if the forklift stalls

  • 2022-08-24
Diesel forklifts are key and important equipment products in the field of intelligent manufacturing. They play a very positive and important role in the smooth development of manufacturers' production activities, and also require the attention of the majority of manufacturers, which is very important.
When the diesel forklift proposes to stop at the end of the work, the diesel forklift only needs to turn off the switch and investigate the shaking of the ammeter pointer to distinguish whether the circuit has been disconnected. Never step on the accelerator before the engine stops, as this will not only consume energy, but also increase the wear and tear of the engine. If the engine shuts down when it is too hot, first let the engine idle for 1-2 minutes to cool the parts evenly, then turn off the burn switch to stop the engine. When the diesel forklift is stopped, it should work at idle speed for a few minutes. After the spare parts are cooled evenly, control the parking handle to turn the fuel injection pump to the position of no fuel supply, and then the machine can be stopped.
As a medium and short-distance transportation tool, diesel forklift is the product of rapid economic development, which facilitates our daily life, not only saves human capital, but also significantly improves work efficiency and accelerates the development of enterprises. They are indispensable "good assistants" for transporting goods. At present, forklifts mainly serve logistics, large-scale cargo transportation and other enterprises, because the rapid development and expansion of my country's logistics enterprises has led to the rapid development of diesel forklift sales.
Reversing diesel forklift operating standards:
(1) When reversing the diesel forklift, first observe the surrounding environment, and get off the vehicle for inspection if necessary.
(2) When reversing in a straight line, keep the rear wheel upright, and adjust less and less.
(3) When reversing on a curve, clearly know the situation behind the car, and be able to reverse the car when reversing.

(4) When reversing and turning, under the premise of taking care of the movement of the whole vehicle, it is also necessary to consider the characteristics of the rear wheel of the forklift as a wheel, and pay attention to whether the rear inner wheel and outer wheel will leave the road or encounter obstacles. During the reversing process, the inner front wheel should be as close as possible to the pile position or obstacle, so as to adjust the direction in time and avoid the obstacle.

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