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What should I do if the internal combustion forklift tires crack

  • 2022-08-29
Presumably everyone understands forklifts, then everyone knows what internal combustion forklifts are. Internal combustion forklifts are mainly fueled by diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum, and are powered by engines.
It has a very wide range of applications in our lives. I believe that friends who have used forklifts have encountered forklift tires cracking and degumming. At this time, how should we solve it?
1. Raw rubber patching (cold patching): file the inner tube ulcer surface rough, apply raw glue, wait for the super glue surface to dry slightly, and then apply super glue again. When the super glue is dried, stick the prepared raw glue. Paste it on the ulcer surface, pressurize it and heat it up to 140-145°C, heat insulation for 10-20 minutes to make the raw rubber vulcanized rubber, and after cooling, it can be bonded tightly.
2. Hot patching: File the roughness around the damaged inner tube, stick the hot patching glue on the damaged area, and make the rotten holes just in the middle of the glue, then install the tire patch clip on the quenching patching rubber, twist it. Tighten the screw of the extruder, then ignite the warming agent on the fire plaster, and wait for 10-15 minutes to bond tightly.
3. Outer casing: When the outer casing is damaged such as cracking, perforation, blistering, delamination, etc., it should be repaired or refurbished according to the details. There are continuous cracks around the outer tire embryo body, the tread rubber has been polished and there are large holes, the embryo body line layer has a circular crack and a circle is separated, it should be replaced.
4. When a small hole is found in the inner tube, hot or cold repair can be carried out.

If you have a better opinion on the above description of the cracked tire of the internal combustion forklift, please feel free to communicate with us, and we will get in touch with you in the shortest possible time.

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