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When should the forklift be replaced

  • 2023-05-25
Generally speaking, the service life of a forklift is 15 years, but at the later stage of application, the equipment failure rate and shutdown rate of the forklift will be particularly high, and the market value of maintenance will be reduced, so it is not easy to repair again. In this case, the forklift should be replaced or scrapped.
Usually, forklifts are replaced. Hifoune suggests that you consider the following points:
Maintenance cost: If the forklift frequently malfunctions, it will take a lot of time and money to repair, which not only affects production work, but also costs money equivalent to the residual value of the equipment.
Working conditions and functional changes: Previous forklifts have been unable to meet the requirements, such as cargo size and weight, shelf type and height, logistics requirements, and functional requirements required for production management. At this point, we need to consider switching to a more comprehensive forklift.
Unable to meet the requirements of the quality supervision department: With the development of society, emission standards will gradually increase. Old forklifts may only meet past standards and can only be replaced with lower emission forklifts to obtain legal usage licenses.
There are safety and hidden dangers: such as major failures or forklift failures that require regular maintenance, such as hydraulic leaks, blocked fluid pipelines, chain wear, difficulty lifting the gantry, unbalanced suspension, and difficult steering.
If the above situations occur, it is best to replace the forklift with a new one to ensure safe and efficient production.
After replacing the forklift, Hifoune also suggests that the forklift should be replaced reasonably as needed

The selection of forklifts must be comprehensively considered from the perspectives of operational characteristics and on-site conditions, such as working indoors (including warehouses, workshops, etc.). In order to reduce air pollution and noise, it is generally advisable to choose battery powered forklifts; It is better to use internal combustion forklifts for outdoor operations, especially when the site roads are not very flat. Configure suitable tonnage, accessories, tires, gantry, forks, etc. according to production activities. In order to achieve the goal of building a more efficient, economical, and suitable material handling system for practical logistics operations, as well as optimizing warehousing (high efficiency, low cost).

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