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  • 3 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck
    Hifoune Forklift White Color Isuzu Engine 3 Stage 4m Mast 3 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck
    We all know that there are two types of 3 ton counterbalanced forklifts, one is diesel forklift and the other is LPG gasoline forklift. We all know that diesel forklifts are relatively large in size and stable in performance, suitable for heavy loads, and there is no limit to the use time. The site used is generally outdoors. Compared with gasoline forklifts, Isuzu engine forklift have better engine power performance. It is easy to stall when the speed is very low, the fuel cost is very low, but the vibration is very large, the noise is also very large, the displacement is large, the weight is heavy, and the price is high. Counterweight gasoline forklifts are relatively large in size, but have good stability and performance, suitable for heavy loads, and there is no limit to the time of use. They are generally used outdoors. The gasoline engine is small in appearance, light in weight, high in output power, very low in noise and vibration, and low in price, but the gasoline engine has poor overload capacity and long-term working ability, and the fuel cost is very high. white color 3 ton diesel forklift truck The counterbalanced liquefied petroleum gas forklift is to switch between liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied petroleum gas on the counterbalanced gasoline forklift truck. The biggest advantage of LPG forklift is that the exhaust emission is very good, the emission of carbon monoxide is less than that of gasoline Nissan engine forklift, and the fuel cost is very low, which is suitable for indoor work with very high requirements on the surrounding working environment. In short, whether it is a diesel forklift, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas forklift, more factors are to consider the customer's budget price and customer's environmental emission requirements. For example, Hifoune white color forklift are more suitable for outdoor use. They have the characteristics of sufficient power but also high emissions. On the contrary, lpg forklifts or electric forklifts are suitable for indoor work. These two forklifts emit less pollution to the environment, so they are suitable for indoor work.
  • White Color 4 Ton forklift
    Japan Engine Hifoune Brand White Color 4 Ton Counterbalance Diesel Forklift Truck For Sale
    Hifoune C series 4 ton diesel forklift is a high-quality and high-reliability internal combustion counterbalanced forklift. It draws on the technology of famous Japanese brands and is equipped with electronic gear-climbing type transmission, which makes driving easier. 
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