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Electric Forklifts

Electric forklift 1.5 ton

Electric forklift 1.5 ton

Hifoune FB15 is an electric forklift at 1.5ton capacity powered by batter, choosable at different tonnage

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Product Details

electric hand forklift

Model UNIT FB15 FB20
Specifications Power Type
Operator Type
Rated Capacity kg 1500 2000
Load Center mm 500 500
Front overhang mm 380 420
Weight Wheelbase mm 1380 1505
Tire Type
pneumatic tire
service weight(incl. battery) kg 2900 3380
Tire Number  Front
2 2
Rear 2 2
Tire Size  loading wheel
5.00-8 18x7-8
driving wheel 6.00-9 21x8-9
Tread drive mm 910 950
road 930 960
Size Grantry tilt range front (degree) 6 6
rear 10 10
Height of mast closed mm 1995 1995
Full free lifting height mm 135 140
 Lifting Height mm 3000 3000
Height of mast open mm 4030 4030
Overhead guard Height mm 2100 2100
Seat Height mm 1090 1090
Overall Length  mm 3205 3410
Length ti fork face mm 2130 2340
Overall Width mm 1110 1160
Fork Dimensions mm 1070/100/35 1070/100/40
Installation level
2A 2A
Fork rack width mm 1040 1040
Width across forks mm 222~1000 222~1000
Mast clearance mm 85 85
Body clearance mm 100 100
Turning Radius mm 2000 2100
Performance Driving speed( load/unload) km/h 10/12 10/12
Lifting speed( load/unload) mm/s 300/480 230/400
Lowing speed( load/unload) mm/s 380/360 420/480
Max climbing ability % 14/15 14/15
Brake type
Drive Driving motor kw AC6.8 AC6.8
Lifting motor kw DC8.2 DC8.6
Battery Valtage/capacity V/AH 48/400 48/490
Battery weight kg 645 750
Steering System

Product Features

Counterbalance 1.5-3.0 ton Electric Forklift

Main Features:

1.1.5 ton electric forklift use Advanced Curtis controller, more stable and safer.

2.Maintenance-free AC drive system makes the vehicle react more quickly and accurately. It is equipped with a full AC system.

3.Wide-view gantry design to improve work efficiency.

4.The whole electric hand forklift layout is more reasonable, with low center of gravity, small size and low self-weight.

Our Factory

    Our company. is located in the Xiangan industrial zone of Xiamen torch high tech Zone. It is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient material handling equipment and solutions for customers. It is a professional company integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company's main products include a full range of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift trucks, electric counterbalance forklift trucks, and electric warehouse equipments.


    We not only aim to provide excellent products to customers in our full range of products, but also provide excellent service to customers in all links.





Q. Why choose HIFOUNE?
A. We are a professional forklift manufacturer and supplier in Xiamen of china with more than 20 years exported experience.Most of our staff are from XGMA machinery.

Q.What are our advantages compared with other manufactures/factories?
A.Carefully select regular manufacturers for supporting spare parts, like engines, bridge,transmissions, and many parts designed and produced by ourselves. Our C series forklift adopt TCM technology, most of parts are compitible with TCM forklift, but have cheaper price.

Q. Which payment terms can we accept?
A. Normally we can work on T/T or L/C.
A.1) On T/T term, 30% payment is required in advance for production, 70% balance shall be paid before delivery or againes the copy of original B/L for old long cooperation clients.
A.2) On L/C term, 100% irrevocable LC at sight without "soft clauses" can be accepted.

Q. Can we provide OEM SERVICE?
A. HIFOUNE can provide customized products according to customers' requirements, both OEM and ODM are acceptable.

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.