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  • hifoune 5ton forklift
    Isuzu Engine Full Free Transmission 5 ton Diesel Forklift with side shifter
    The forklift mast is designed with wide field of vision, high operating sensitivity and smooth starting, flexible steering and small turning radius, ensuring the controllable, flexible, light and efficient operation of the whole machine.
  • 3 Ton Diesel Forklift Truck
    Hifoune diesel forklift truck 3 ton with Isuzu engine
    Adhering to the concept of continuous improvement and pursuit of high-quality products, we have made significant improvements and improvements in the reliability, handling performance, and exterior workmanship of this series of products, ensuring that their comprehensive performance is at the high-end level of the industry. The new design of hifoune forklifts is far ahead of other mainstream domestic brand products and close to the level of Japan. The following is a comparison of details: 1) Transmission: A low-speed ratio gearbox with high climbing ability is adopted, which increases work efficiency by 5% compared to other products, increases climbing angle by 8%, reduces noise by 3 to 5 decibels, and reduces thermal stability temperature by 8 to 10 degrees Celsius; 2) Hydraulic system: Adopting a load sensing steering priority hydraulic system to reduce pressure loss, save energy and improve operating comfort; 3) Radiator: The radiator is purchased with the latest technology from Germany, which can meet various hot climates and high-strength working conditions; 4) Body part: The fully enclosed instrument platform expands the working space, making it more aesthetically pleasing and better protecting the built-in components; Equipped with a new type of hanging adjustable seat, making long-term operation more comfortable; The newly designed top protection frame can prevent high-altitude falling objects from injuring workers and more effectively protect the operator; Equipped with a refueling cap, it is more beautiful and safe; The pedal part of the car has an area 1.5 times that of other brands, and is lower in height than other brands, making it easier to operate and preventing slipping. 5) Gantry section: The connection support of the gantry is thicker and wider, making the gantry operation safer and more stable; To improve the stability and reliability of the door frame, the adjustment slider of the inner and outer door frames has been changed from plastic to special copper products, effectively reducing wear and reducing the gap between the inner and outer door frames. 6) Electrical part: standard electronic controlled hydraulic gearbox, more comfortable and durable to operate; The entire vehicle adopts LED lighting fixtures, which are brighter and softer, which is beneficial for human vision protection and physical health; The use of fuel sensors imported from Japan is more accurate and reliable.
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