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  • What are the chances of forklift recharging
    What are the chances of forklift recharging
    • 2023-12-20

    Opportunistic charging can be used for forklift equipped with lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries, but is more suitable for lithium-ion batteries. In this way, the battery can stay on the truck for multiple shifts and charge at the same time. It can also use the rest time to charge the forklift. This means that when your employees take a lunch break or change shifts, the forklift can be ...

  • The fourth shipment of Poland forklift agents
    The fourth shipment of Poland forklift agents
    • 2021-12-24

    On December 24, 2021, this is the day before Christmas in the West, and it is also the fourth time that Hifoune Poland agents have installed containers. A total of 6 units forklifts were loaded this time, including 4 units LPG forklifts and 2 units electric forklifts. Normal loading can be completed within 2 hours. However, because the customer's order for this time has two LPG forklifts whose mas...

  • Forklift ready to be shipped
    Forklift ready to be shipped
    • 2018-07-09

    Our old Russian customer has placed an order again. Thanks to our loyal customers for their continued support. HIFOUNE FORKLIFT will always provide customers with high-quality products and high-quality services.

  • Container forklift truck
    Container forklift truck
    • 2023-12-13

    Empty container stacker: Container forklift is a special forklift for handling and loading containers in ports, transfer stations and freight yards. It is used for auxiliary operations such as stacking empty containers, and can also be used for container loading and unloading in comprehensive terminals and yards with small container throughput, or short-distance handling. It is also called "stacke...

  • HIFOUNE FORKLIFT team building
    HIFOUNE FORKLIFT team building
    • 2018-05-19

    HIFOUNE FORKLIFT team building Today is very suitable for going out. HIFOUNE FORKLIFT organized a company team building event to promote the internal unity and team cohesion of the company's employees and inject vitality into future work.

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